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Measure reach, views and interactions for your events
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We enable data-driven analyses of your Live Marketing.

For agencies

Extend your ROI-calculations to include reliable data on marketing reach and contacts.

Unique selling point

Underline your profile as an innovative and data-driven agency.

Additional revenues

Contact us to set up a plan including kickbacks for all your events & promotions.

For brands

Use Event Analytics to enable comparisons between your marketing channels.


Identify particularly successful campaigns, marketing messages and locations.


Do no longer look just at how many samples were handed out, but take into account all steps of the conversion funnel.

Three steps towards data-driven Live Marketing with Event Analytics.

1 Simple setup and measurement at your event

Smartphones with activated WiFi send probe requests in regular intervals that aim to identify networks in their surrounding. Our mobile sensors use these signals for an anonymized analysis of visitor frequencies and dwell times.

2 Analysis in your dashboard

The resulting data is automatically uploaded into your online dashboard. Here, you can view all your Live Marketing metrics: Reach, views, interactions and dwell times.

3 Compare & optimize

A continuous use of Event Analytics enables a detailed comparison of all your locations, events and campaigns. Instead of counting samples or email addresses, you are now measuring standardized KPIs for all your Live Marketing events.

Reliably measure reach, views and interactions at your events.

  • Reach considers the potential of your Live Marketing activities and shows how many people were in proximity of your event.
  • A view is measured as soon as a person steps into close proximity of your event. The area that considers people as views is individually calibrated to your merchandising unit or stand system.
  • To calculate interactions, dwell times of the people viewing your activities are added into consideration.

Analyze the dwell times of your visitors.

  • The dwell times in reach show you the general profile of a location: are visitors mingling for longer durations or are they just passing by?
  • The interaction duration, in addition, delivers insights on how successfully you engage your target group in interactions and lasting experiences.

Compare locations and campaigns.

  • Event Analytics enables you to run data-driven comparisons of different locations and even your whole roadshows.
  • Optimize your Live Marketing according to the metrics that matter to you - be it views, interactions or the interaction duration.
  • In the future, concentrate your efforts solely on the most critical success factors of your Live Marketing.
Campaign Campaign goal Days Reach Views Interactions
Roadshow Germany
52 204.852 61.423 15.356
Airports Summer '17
22 131.670 39.501 9.875
Fashion Festival Berlin
3 17.955 5.938 1.484
Burgfest Karlsruhe
3 12.389 3.911 978
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