CASIO was present with two promotional event in Berlin and Munich

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Promotional Spaces

Berlin, Munich

Success Story CASIO

The Idea

CASIO is one of the most internationally acclaimed manufacturers of watches, calculators and musical instruments. They have made use of the pre-Christmas period to present the company’s latest innovation in public. The Live Communication campaign organized with store2be aimed at introducing the CASIO Celviano Grand Hybrid Series and show how the new product line is combining both a concert grand with digital innovation. The result is an electric piano that performs with a sound quality that is in no way inferior to a concert grand. The Live Communication promotion aimed at proving just that to a broad public and potential customers.

The event at a glance


CONSIDERATION: The aim of the CASIO promotion was to strengthen consumers’ product knowledge (product category Digital Pianos) and increase customer involvement.


Two promotions for three days each in much-frequented shopping centers in Berlin (Wilmersdorfer Arcaden) and Munich (Riem Arcaden) which included displayed digital pianos, information material and trained CASIO employees.


The event in Berlin alone had a reach of more than 27,000 people. An interaction rate of 22% further shows that CASIO managed to successfully transform customer interest into experiences.

The Promotion

Both locations stood out due to their available amount of space - the promotions could make use of 25m² per space within the shopping centers - and footfall. Further, both promotions could attract a vast number of customers as the spaces were conveniently located: the Berlin Wilmersdorfer Arcaden space for instance was situated right by the main entrance. The chosen dates of the pre-Christmas season (a Sunday opening was included in the promotion time frame in Berlin) catered for congeniality and even more passersby who were in a pleasant mood. Customer experience and the generation of emotions were of main importance of the CASIO and store2be promotion which explains the long average duration of stay of customers. CASIO also relied on their proprietary personnel who were present in both Berlin and Munich and able to explain the exclusive electric pianos in detail. The campaigns’ focus therefore was much less on flyering or spreading information material but rather on the creation of emotional and lasting experiences of the instruments. CASIO provided customers with a cashback offer of up to €150 when buying a Celviano Grand Hybrid Piano which they communicated at the event, too. Several visitors of the shopping centers of almost every age remained standing to listen or played on the pianos themselves.

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CASIO Marketing Manager Martin Moritz about store2be

The whole Story

The background of CASIO's promotion with store2be

The CASIO Celviano Grand Hybrid Series makes the audience and pianist forget that pianos in question are electric. In the development of the hybrid pianos CASIO managed to combine acoustic and digital elements successfully. The piano's keyboard is made from the same materials as are grand pianos and the integrated sound system provides an impressive audio quality. In addition, CASIO has come up with a unique loudspeaker system for their novel Celviano Grand Hybrid Series as well as supplementary features such as Concert Play which enables the pianist to play together with 15 recorded pieces of orchestral music. Together with store2be, passersby were to be impressed by the newly designed digital pianos in two heavily frequented shopping centers in Berlin and Munich on three days each which was fully achieved. The promotion events of CASIO and store2be resulted in an enthusiastic audience that stopped by the pianos, seeked further information and played themselves. The campaign could hardly have taken place at a different time as the prevalent atmosphere of the pre-Christmas period was strengthened even further with the generation-spanning piano playing.

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