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The idea

The focus of our cooperation with Frankfurt-based event communication agency Jazzunique was clearly put on the data-based analysis of a live communication campaign. Said campaign was both conceptualized and realized individually in order to best meet Jazzunique’s client’s needs. The store2be Event Analytics technology enabled us to gain a quantitative measurement of success that allowed the client to get an insight into customer contacts and interactions, thus giving a record of the offline marketing effort. Jazzunique’s team shares our precept: live communication needs to become measurable by means of well-defined key figures in order to supply a justification of live marketing within the marketing mix.

The event at a glance


BRAND AWARENESS: Elaborate branding efforts around the customer’s booth for a memorable on-site brand performance


Appearance at a B2B automotive trade fair, organized and put into action by Jazzunique


Event Analytics provided Jazzunique with reliable data regarding the campaign’s brand contacts, thus justifying the significance of live communication within the marketing mix

The Brand Presence and Measurement

A B2B trade fair has been chosen as a matching location for Event Analytics in order to best reach the distinct target audience without a significant scattering loss. Jazzunique’s client was present for two days exhibiting their products on a spacious area. The campaign goal of “Brand Awareness” was pursued consistently on site - the products were displayed prominently and branding was omnipresent. Sales generation was not the defined goal but focus was rather put on informing the audience and getting their attention. That strategy included numerous customer pitches and handing out information material. Although new product types were presented on site the brand itself was in clear focus of the offline marketing campaign. Until now, the dilemma of offline marketing lay within a lack of reliable success measurements. Even though consumers can in fact be reached successfully offline, measuring these efforts in regard to a company’s turnover figures is hardly comprehensible. Having an impact on the public brand image is a long-term process which, alas, cannot be expressed in numbers. It is therefore intransparent and complicated for companies to calculate the success of an offline marketing event. Jazzunique’s case was based on that exact matter. The client was primarily interested in generating and enhancing the individual brand awareness and creating a connection of positive emotions towards the organization from press and dealers present at the trade fair. It was at this point that Event Analytics was able to solve an existing problem. Three WiFi sensors have been installed around the promotional area in coordination with Jazzunique. The sensors collected data about the stream of visitors, number of contacts, interactions and dwell times of visitors throughout the two trade show days. Thus, an evaluation regarding the campaign’s reach and brand contacts was provided. Event Analytics was able to deliver valuable KPIs to Jazzunique and their client that benefitted understanding the offline conversion funnel and make future decisions based on data.

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Jazzunique Key Account Manager Julia Götz about the collaboration with store2be

The entire story

Everything behind Jazzunique's cooperation with store2be

Jazzunique is a Frankfurt-based experience communication agency. Jazzunique’s team consists of experts for the marketing channel live communication. In order to best realize their projects, they put special focus on creating a brand experience for the target audience so to generate an emotional connection and interaction between brand and consumer. Via this special customer experience a more valuable relation is built that other marketing channels fail to achieve. In our case, Jazzunique put into action a promotion on a B2B exhibition fair that was suited excellently for reaching the desired target audience. As sales generation was not the main campaign goal a subsequent measurement of success soon became a relevant issue. Jazzunique became aware of store2be and Event Analytics with the latter being implemented successfully on-site at the trade fair. Thus, the client was given a highly beneficial insight into and key figures regarding their offline marketing effort.

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