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The idea

MEC Wavemaker is the MEC’s content unit operating in various international locations, whose responsibilities include the ideal connection of the advertising channels owned, earned, and paid. MEC Wavemaker’s content expertise comprehend the successful implementation of communication channels such as social media, public relations, and the creation of stirring customer experiences with live marketing. It is the latter subject area from which the prolific collaboration of MEC Wavemaker’s live communication unit with store2be emerged. store2be was able to support a total of four campaigns for two of MEC Wavemaker’s clients: dental hygiene manufacturer meridol and a FMCG manufacturer based in the DACH region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland). MEC has organised live communication campaigns for meridol lasting several weeks and taking place in locations across Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Both qualified advice from dentists as well as testing meridol products for free were offered on-site. MEC Wavemaker ma

The event at a glance


BRAND AWARENESS and CONSIDERATION: Both cases focussed on generating brand awareness and consideration, the latter primarily applicable for meridol.


MEC Wavemaker used store2be Event Analytics in order to measure the aforementioned campaigns’ respective success.


Demonstrably high contact and interaction rates were among the results of both campaigns. A vast number of customers reached were able to try out the wide range of products that were on display in the respective locations.

The Measurements

meridol: MEC Wavemaker organised a roadshow covering various locations in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland taking place from February until April this year. MEC’s client’s aim was to inform visitors about the importance of healthy gums and thorough dental hygiene. A walk-in meridol brand world was built and free gum tests from dentists were offered to meet the campaign goal. Further, product tests were handed out and people interested could seek advice from the present dentists. The store2be Event Analytics technology was deployed in locations Essen, Oberhausen, and Stuttgart. Our measurements have shown that the on-site branding efforts and offered services have been successful in reaching a wide audience. On top of that, a uniform basis could be developed to demonstrate the visitors potential and conversion to contacts specific for each of the three locations measured. FMCG manufacturer: The cult brand in question has increased their product range significantly in recent years and appeared at this year’s Hamburger Hafengeburtstag with a (food) booth that featured prominent branding. On site, the distinct focus was put on the popular products. Apart from food and drinks, merchandise products could be bought at the booth that was well-frequented at all times and caught a lot attention as Event Analytics data evaluation has proven.

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Mathias Lennartz of MEC about the cooperation with store2be

The whole Story

Everything behind MEC Wavemaker's cooperation with store2be

A brand’s stationary trade as well as a direct customer dialogue are both used increasingly for the public marketing performance of companies as long-term relationships best develop through direct interactions. Live marketing has established itself as a valuable channel for MEC regarding customer generation - especially in order to influence the buying and decision process. Campaigns concerning a company’s communications with the customer are both realised and optimised relying on data-based decisions - that notion has previously led to live marketing being perceived as merely unreliably measurable. In the past, a live marketing event’s evaluation was built on subjective estimations, the amount of samplings handed out, or feedback from present promoters. store2be Event Analytics at last provides companies with credible KPIs and a quantitative analysis. Thus, MEC and store2be were able to bridge the gap of a flawed evaluation of offline marketing efforts. The continuous usage of Event Analytics will enable agencies to gather solid and trustworthy evaluations of live marketing as MEC has demonstrated, thus justifying the channel’s efficiency within the media mix.

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