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The idea

Nestlé is the world’s largest food and beverage company with a vast variety of renowned and popular brands within their portfolio. Nestlé chose a five-day presence at INTERNORGA trade fair in Hamburg end of March this year. INTERNORGA is the leading B2B trade show for the out-out-home market. Nestlé Deutschland AG built a brand world around famous sub-brands Schöller, Mövenpick, Maggi, Nescafè, Nespresso and Nestlé Waters.

Using the store2be Event Analytics technology Nestlé was able to grasp what reach their corporate campaign had had and what exact number of visitors was interacted with on site.

The event at a glance


BRAND AWARENESS and CONSIDERATION: Nestlé successfully gathered awareness for their brand portfolio and product innovations. Further, numerous customer conversations were conducted and pieces of product information were spread.


Presence at INTERNORGA trade fair in Hamburg for five days - in order to measure the visitor frequency with store2be Event Analytics nine sensors were installed within the brand world.


Nestlé put main focus on the possibility of comparing various segments and brands within their brand world using Event Analytics primarily for said purpose. The gathered results and insights support Nestlé in making the Live Marketing channel assimilable within the marketing mix and help improving future trade fair appearances.

The Measurement

Due to Nestlé’s five day presence at the trade fair, valuable data could be gathered and allowed a comparison based on individual days. As different Nestlé brands and products were displayed, they too could be compared directly. Thus, dwell times of visitors at one specific booth could be contrasted with the amount of those interested in another booth which made performance conclusions possible. An Event Analytics data gathering simply requires the installation of a mobile WiFi sensor on the promotional space or booth. The sensors will collect signals that are in turn sent out from passing, nearby smartphones. The data collected is completely anonymous and offers an insight into reach, number of contacts and interactions as well as dwell times of visitors.

The spacious brand world of Nestlè had a total of nine WiFi sensors installed to guarantee detailed, reliable measuring results. According to INTERNORGA, 96,000 visitors attended the fair this year with 1,300 exhibitors present in addition. Our measuring results have shown that Nestlé was able to attract three quarters of the total amount of present attendees which speaks in favour for the campaign’s success. Nestlé Deutschland AG managed to attract a high level of attention for their brand world, generate brand awareness and product knowledge amongst their relevant target audience.

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Nestlé Event expert Jutta Sperl about the collaboration with store2be

The whole Story

Everything behind Nestlé's cooperation with store2be

Previously, an evaluation of the visitors frequency was based on internal appraisal and estimations. The numbers conducted, however, were rather vague and unreliable. Nestlé used store2be’s Event Analytics intending to make decisions regarding Offline Marketing based on data. That way, a campaign at a trade fair had for the first time been analysed and evaluated quantitatively. Nestlé for instance gained the information which brands attracted most visitors within the brand world. As Nestlé had a vast product portfolio at INTERNORGA, Event Analytics uncovered a more detailed stream of visitors.

INTERNORGA was immensely successful for Nestlé: the Event Analytics data proves that the attention of more than 75% of all visitors was caught by Nestlé’s brand world and interaction with a high number of people was measured in addition. An even bigger added value of Event Analytics lies within the continuous usage of the sensors as comparable metrics can be gathered from future trade fairs.

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