NOA covers four major German cities in a roadshow across the country
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Vegan Bread Spread

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Munich, Hamburg, Berlin, Frankfurt

Success Story NOA

The Idea

The vision was to generate consumer awareness and reinforce the market launch of the four delicious purely vegetable and vegan NOA spreads - hummus natural, hummus herbs, lentil-curry and bean-pepper. In order to do so, NOA partnered up with store2be to create a roadshow across Germany where they carried out promotional events in several supermarkets, at events and other special locations. Their main goal was to let customers experience NOA’s fresh spread flavours and become loyal brand advocates.

The event at a glance


BRAND AWARENESS: to create awareness for the NOA brand, generate customer demand, drive sales both on- and off-site and in particular reinforce the new brand launch of products through live communication events


Over 50 sampling events took place in four major German cities - Munich, Hamburg, Berlin and Frankfurt. During the events, the brand was brought closer to the end consumers by encouraging them to try the different spreads.


By reaching more than 198,000 consumers within 113 days in 4 German cities and a total of 55 locations and inviting them to experience NOA, the young brand successfully launched itself onto the market.

The Roadshow

Starting off in Munich and finishing in Frankfurt, the NOA roadshow went through Berlin and Hamburg, covering four of the largest cities in Germany. With the help of store2be, NOA presented itself in more than 50 different locations including supermarkets and events such as the Free From Festival in Berlin. During the promotional events, qualified promoters carrying vendor’s trays and presenting the NOA products next to stylish pallet stands were in charge of distributing free samples as well as answering customers’ questions about the product. In this way, the NOA tastings provided a great opportunity to potential customers and visitors alike to try the bread spreads on different types of breads, salt sticks and pretzels while getting in touch with the brand.

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NOA Marketing Manager Carina Wanner about cooperating with store2be

The whole Story

The background of NOA's roadshow promotion with store2be

As an independent subsidiary of Karwendelwerke Huber, NOA spreads were introduced to the German market in summer 2016. The brand stands for Natural resources, Original recipes and Authentic products and positions itself as a healthy and easy option for those who want to pursue a sustainable and balanced lifestyle. In this sense, the new brand has entered a market segment with fierce and growing competition. As soon as they realized it would be difficult to stand out against all other natural, organic, sugar-free, vegetarian and healthy products, they thought out of the box and decided to go directly where customers were - offline. How? By carrying out live communication events in several supermarkets, events and special locations around Germany. The results have been great: thousands of customers were reached, the brand awareness was increased and customer demand sparked.

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