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The idea

As a marketing agency, Makai carried out an eye-catching experiential marketing campaign for the release of the new Ubisoft video game, “Watch Dogs 2”. They elevated the on-site experience with a live hacking escaping game where customers had the chance to feel, act and behave like a real hacker for 45 min.

The event at a glance


Promote Watch Dogs 2, generate customer awareness, increase sales, build customer loyalty and deliver a brand experience.


The “Venture Truck”, a mobile pop-up, was established in the outdoors of the Alexa shopping mall. Inside the truck customers were involved in a real-live hacking game for 45 min.


A successful offline campaign that reached their target audience, attracted potential customers’ attention and increased brand loyalty.

The Store

During the weekend of the 10th-13th of November, the Ubisoft “Venture Truck” made a stop in the Alexa shopping center in Berlin. In the 45 minute escape game set up in a mobile truck, the participants experienced a thrilling and exciting hacking adventure that they will never forget. For a moment they were the real heroes of the game about to change the course of the world. All the action course happened inside the Venture Truck, a customized mobile pop-up that represented a mysterious data center where customers needed to work against the clock to hack a social media server before they run out of oxygen.

Thanks to an elaborate social media campaign before and after the event, the Watch Dogs followers were aware of all the latest news of the video game release and also, could share their hacking experience in the social media. In this sense, the established Venture Truck, has been a fresh, fun and social activation that increased awareness of the video game, boosted brand loyalty, and created a great memory for the gaming fans.

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What the Junior Project Manager of Makai Europe Lisa Fries said about store2be

The entire story

What Makai reports on the event

What role does Makai play as an marketing agency?

As a marketing agency, Makai, took over the design, planning process and implementation of the promotional event for Ubisoft. They came up with the concept of making a mobile hacking escape game in order to get customers involved, deliver a brand experience and give them a teaser of “Watch Dogs 2”.

Why does Makai use

Makai used store2be as their partner to help them find the right locations for their promotional events. In this sense, Makai had a broad overlook of all the available locations in Berlin and could easily book the ones that best fitted their marketing campaign goals.

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